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All orders must be placed using a purchase order. To prevent confusion, each individual order should have it's own purchase order #. All orders must be in writing and faxed or mailed prior to delivery of garments to Go Pro Ltd.

Your Purchase Order must contain the following information before the process can begin:
(1) Company Name
(2)Purchase Order Number
(3)Contact Name and Contact Number
(4)Product Description
(5)Item Quantity and Size
(6)Logo Description
(7)Logo Location
(8)Logo Colors
(9)Ship to Address
(10)Due Date

All changes or instructions must be in writing. Go Pro is not responsible for any error resulting from verbal instruction.


Go Pro digitizing professional stand behind their work. If any production edits need to be made and the digitized file was created by Go Pro Ltd, we will always edit the file free of charge. For more information about Go Pro Digitizing click here.

Digitized files provided by our customers should be in Wilcom(.emb) or (.dst) format. Edits to "outside tapes" (Digitized logos not created at Go Pro Ltd.) will be charged according to the following:

●$20 for a minor edit in production


Embroidery design application charges are based on three variables.

(1) The type of goods to be embroidered
(2) The total number of units to be embroidered
(3) The number of stitches that are contained in the embroidery design.
(It is important to note that some embroidery jobs require additional billable processes. We will address these charges later in this document.)

(1) Goods: "Goods" refers to the items that are to be embroidered. The equipment and or process used to embroider a cap, is different than that of a bag. This leads to separate pricing schedules for each item. In general, garments are broken down into two types, "flats" and "caps". Flats are items that are embroidered using a flat hoop machine. These items include shirts, towels, bags, jackets and most other types of garments. Caps include the front and both sides of a cap. Caps differ because they must be sewn on a bias or curve. To add to the confusion, the back of a cap is sewn on a flat machine.

(2) Number of units: The number of units in a job refers to how many garments will be embroidered with the same embroidery design and thread color. Example: if you have 100 white shirts and would like to have the words "Go Pro Ltd." embroidered on the left chest in black thread, this would represent one (1) job. But if you have 100 white shirts and would like to have the words "Go Pro Ltd." embroidered on 50 of the shirts in black thread, and the words "Go Pro Ltd." embroidered on the remaining 50 shirts in red thread, this would represent two (2) jobs. It would not matter if the shirt colors were different, as long as the design, location, and thread color remained the same.

(3) Stitch count: Each embroidery design is made up of a series of stitches. The larger and more complex the artwork, the more stitches it will take to create the image. The more stitches equate to longer sewing times and a higher cost.

Additional Billable Processes

Solvey: is a thin silicone-like film that is applied to the garment before it is embroidered. Mainly applied to sweaters and towels, solvey prevents the stitching from falling down into the fabric. Once embroidered, the solvey that was not sewn over will be removed by hand and steamed out for a flawless appearance..
Oversized items: Items such as bags or bulky jackets may take up more room than is allowed for by the embroidery machine. The solution for this problem is to sew the garment on every other "head" or station on the embroidery machine. This means that a machine sewing oversized garments will produce half the number of finished goods that it normally would be capable of. This results in the doubling of the embroidery run charge.


Normal turnaround time is seven (7) business days. If your job has a deadline, please note this date on your written purchase order.
●Rush charges can be applied to any job with a completion date that is less than seven(7) business days from the date your written purchase order is received.
●Design Approval and reception of blank goods must be confirmed three (3) business days before the job is to be produced in order to ensure the job will be completed on time.


We accept Visa and Mastercard We accept MasterCard and Visa credit cards; business check, and money orders. Sorry, no C.O.D’s. We do offer net terms and accept purchase orders upon credit approval.

The information on this page is for your convenience, and is subject to change without notice.

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