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Individual folding and poly bag
services are available for most products. More info...

EDI & Bar Code Services
Bar coding and EDI services are offered to our customers who require computer readable marking.More Info..

Graphic Design & Embroidery Digitizing

At Go Pro, we provide you with the convenience of a full-service graphic design department that can assist you in the development of your new graphic designs. Once we have created a design for you, we can easily e-mail a proof in a file format that you can view.

Once you are satisfied with the artwork, it is then time to digitize your new design. That can easily be handled by one of our digitizing professionals, who are also conveniently located on sight. When we have completed your new tape, we can e-mail the file directly to you or your customer, saving you time and money.

Artwork and Art Charges

Artwork is the starting point for any new embroidery job. Art charges will apply to any art that is provided by the customer and requires editing or other preparations in order to digitize the design. Art charges are $35 per half hour. New digitizing orders include 30 minutes of free art time applicable to the current job only.

Digitizing (Embroidery "Tapes")

Digitizing is the process of converting artwork into a stitch based file format that can be read by the embroidery machine. Digitizing is an art form in itself . Go Pro Ltd. has over 30 years of combined knowledge in the art of digitizing. Many people ask if this can be done on their computer system. The answer is no. Digitizing software is industry specific and costs tens of thousands of dollars per copy. The origin of the word "tape" as a description of an embroidery file is a carryover from the old days. When the computerized embroidery industry began, data was stored on paper tapes. These paper tapes resemble movie film with a series of holes punched in it. The tape is fed through a tape reader that translates the holes in the paper into a stitch format that the machine can understand.

For digitizing quotes and estimated stitch counts please contact your account manager. If you have not set up an account with Go Pro please contact us to set up an account.

Art Requirements

Go Pro Ltd. accepts most art formats. One of the most confusing parts of understanding artwork and resolution requirements are the differences between vector (.ai, .eps) and rasterized (.jpg, .bmp,.tiff, .psd) art. Vector art is created in a program that uses mathematical calculations to define the outlines of the art. This allows vector art to have smaller file sizes and the ability to scale to any size without losing quality. Rasterized art is made up of a pixels. The amount of pixels per inch determines the image resolution.

Note: Adobe® PDF file format can be either a vector or a rasterized file depending on the original file the PDF was created with.

Art Format and Resolution:

Adobe® Illustrator vector art (.ai,.eps) :
This is the preferred format.

Any rasterized file format (.jpeg, .psd, .tiff, .png, .bmp, .gif) :
300 DPI(dots per inch) at Actual Size.

Low Resolution
Higher Resolution
Low resolution images can cause confusion for and embroidery digitizer.
Better art, Better embroidery.

Art requirements for Digital Printing are exactly the same as art requirements for embroidery. It is especially important to understand resolution. Go Pro Ltd. is not responsible for quality issues caused by printing artwork that does not meet our Art Requirements. The digital press is capable of printing almost any art regardless of resolution, but as a rule if the image looks blurry and pixilated on your computer, the product will be a blurry and pixilated print.

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